Why Water Matters: Fall 2017
Schedule of Reading Assignments


September October November

changes and additional readings will be announced in class

Assigned readings are linked below


August 30: Introduction

September 1: no class


I. the science of water

September 4: precis of modern conceptualizations

September 6: Water and the 4 element/humor theory

September 8: Add/Drop ends


September 11: Nature of water

Presentation: Aristotle: Thomas

September 13: Tides

 Presentation: Poseidonius: Henry

September 15: Project Brainstorming


September 18: How water affects the weather 

Presentation: Seneca the Younger: Elizabeth

project proposal due

September 20: Superstorms

Presentation: Gilgamesh: Peter

Presentation: Ovid: Joe

September 22: no class


 September 25: no class

II. People and Water

September 27Water rights

Presentation: Frontinus: Noah

Presentation: Digest: Christopher

September 29: The Search for the Source of the Nile

Presentation: Herodotus: Jack

Presentation: Henry Morton Stanley: Kevin


October 2Aqueducts and the Urban Water Supply

Presentation: Vitruvius: Tayler

October 4: Water and religion/ritual

Presentation: Ovid's Fasti: Emma

Lecture: Oct. 5, 5:30 pm, Andrews 101, Dr. Sandra Blakely, Emory University, “Gods, Games, and Sailors: Maritime Networks and the Mysteries of the Great Gods of Samothrace.” Virginia N. Brinkley lecture

October 6

website analysis:


video analysis workshop


October 9: Trade and commerce and control of the seas by law or force (antiquity)

Presentation: Suetonius: Trayln

Presentation: Plutarch: Sean

October 11: Trade and commerce and control of the seas by law or force (modern)

October 13: project status report due (no class)


October 14-17: Fall Break


III. Water and War/National Identity

October 18: Greek and Roman ships and boats

Presentation: Athenaeus: Chrisney

Lecture: Oct. 19, 5:30 pm, Andrews 101, Dr. Mary Ann Eaverly, University of Florida, “Cultic Continuity:  Re-Interrogating The Parthenon Frieze.”

October 20: website analysis due (no class)


October 23: Navigation (ships, latitude/longitude)

Presentation: Tacitus: Julia

Presentation: Strabo: Gloria

October 25: the Greek Navy

October 27: last day to withdraw from a class


October 30: the Roman Navy and Naumachiae

Presentation: Julius Caesar: Nolan

November 1: the British Navy

Presentation: James Cook: Yashna

November 3: music analysis workshop


November 6: Polynesia


IV. Adventure on the high seas

November 8: Water and Mythology, Sea gods, heroic quest

Lecture: Nov. 9, 5:30 pm, Andrews 101, Mr. Jack W. Brink, Curator of Archaeology, Royal Alberta Museum, “The Great Buffalo Jumps.”Archaeological Institute of America, Stone Lecture

November 10: project status reports


November 13: Odysseus

November 15: Aeneas

Presentation: Vergil: Tran

November 17: project status reports


November 20:

Presentation: Apollonius of Rhodes: Taryn



November 27Theseus, Herakles, and Hot Springs

Analyses 2-3 due

November 29: Water Mythology Group Presentations


December 4: Project Presentations

December 6: Project Presentations