Human and Environment in Greco-Roman Antiquity

CLCV 327/ ESPN 249/ COLL 300

Spring 2018

Professor Irby

Office: Morton 329
Office phone: 1-2162
Office Hours: W: 10-noon, and by appointment

web pages:

Grading scale: 100-94% = A; 93-90% = A-; 89-87% = B+; 86-84% = B; 80-83% = B-; 79-77% = C+; 76-73% = C; 72-73% = C-; 69-67% = D+; 66-63% = D; 92-60% = D-; 59%-0% = F


Exams and Course Grade

Individual presentations

75 points

Attendance and Participation

25 points

Weekly Responses (10 total)

50 points

Engagement with COLL 300 speakers (3 self-reflective essays, due within a week of the speakers’ campus visits)

75 points

Midterm (14 March)

100 points

2 Quizzes (tba)

50 points

Final Project

100 points

participation in COLL 300 Academic Festival

25 points


500 points


Course Description and Objectives Assignments Schedule of Readings and Presentation Links

Schedule of Readings: The assigned readings are to be read before coming to class. It is your responsibility to keep up with any changes to the reading assignments as announced in class and on the web page. Be careful and systematic.

Class Room Policies: Regular attendance is required. You are expected to participate fully and actively in all class discussions.

Exams and quizzes: short answer/essay, passage discussion in format.

Make-up Policy: No make-up work will be allowed for any reason. No e-mail submissions will be accepted.


No work will be accepted late

No make-ups will be permitted

Arrive prepared and on time

Minor adjustments to the syllabus may be announced in class

It is your responsibility to keep informed about changes to the syllabus and exam schedule

Turn off cell phones, etc. before coming to class

You may use your laptops ONLY to take notes for class

No texting during class

Regular Attendance is strongly encouraged

Hark upon the Gale: Remember the Honor Code